Zenda Life Foods(Thailand) Company Limited was established in January 2015 in order to grow and develop our Sacha Inchi business.  We have established operations in Udon Thani in Northern Thailand and have relationships with approximately 40 local farmers who supply Sacha Inchi fruit on an ongoing basis.  Our on site nursery provides seedlings for the farmers to plant.  The farmers are provided with a guaranteed price for their fruit and on-going training in the growing of Sacha Inchi and the use of Organic Farming methods.  Our central farm is Organically Certified and our contract farmers are in the process of obtaining their own Organic Certifications. We are currently using an outsourced factory to extract the oil from the Sacha Inchi nuts.  The factory is fully licensed and has GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certification.

The products pictured above are the test versions (including a few spelling mistakes) of some of our products which we are currently preparing for market.

Please contact us via info@zendagreenenergy.com for any enquiries re distribution or purchase of our products.  Also please visit us at www.sacha-inchi.online to learn more about our operations.